Tragic Cappuccino



14 thoughts on “Tragic Cappuccino

      1. Hahaha you’re welcome! That’s good then haha some people are attracted to the taste of tragic, it can be addicting sometimes 😀 I’m sure Bistro Zeno will be successful because of that

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      2. It just occurred to me, that coffee might as well be addictive and lethal drugs in a moribund world! Gosh. Thanks for allowing the writer to uncover a disparate aspect of her work altogether!
        You think it’s too short a convo to be attracted to a person whose sex even I do not know?! Hahaha!

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      3. haha that’s true! Add tragic to the addictive caffeine. Mmm… 👌 👌 XD
        One might call it tragically lethal but tragic can be sweet to some
        You’re welcome hehe I’m really intrigued by many of your works and especially this one 😀
        Hahaha I like conversing with people on the comment section. Your creative mind has attracted me! I’m a girl by the way hehe
        Also thank you for the follow! XDXD

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      4. I know all about being attracted to tragic. And I have a feeling you do too! Haha!

        Well, girl, you are one hell of a girl! Stay amazing, you! ❤

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