20 thoughts on “Naked

  1. Amidst the oracular misery, tendencies to fly emerge
    Like flutters in the consistency of truth.
    Foreseeing only separation and diffuseness,
    The microcosmic antibodies splurge
    And burgeon.
    Splicing, more and more and more;
    Unstoppable macro-Petri all-of-a-suddenness,
    As propulsion and soul volition take control,
    Gunning down the infidelic universe
    In waves of human love and awe.
    Conspire, console, construe, construct –
    Come now, for we are in great motion,
    Growing, turning, morphing,
    Realising destiny in every reaction…
    Dissolving down the edifices
    Which no longer tower over man,
    Our uprisings
    Pure creation,
    Auspicious humanity unleashed,
    Such that
    We are all catharsis now,
    Through and through.

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