Opposing Coasts Of Sea

I crave for the beach,
The sea,
The sun
Rising above horizon
And drowning in the ocean
But most of all I crave to see
some emotions in me.

Present is harmless
Past was contrary
Then why i reminisce
The olden days,
And wish to come with them
Face to face,
Is beyond my ability to think clearly.

Funny how I think,
The hatred which was once
So bitter, so ugly,
The distance which has now
Come to be like
Opposing coasts of sea,
Will let me breathe,
When I will have the past in front of me.

Yet, I long
To read the eyes
Of the days now behind,
To see if the hatred
For me is still alive.
Secretly hoping
It died with the time gone by.

The longing
It keeps arising,
At odd hours,
Random places.
Some time in future may be,
I will accept
Impossible is what I am dreaming.



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