Stay Hung In The Air

It’s ten minutes to one In the morning,
And here I am
Sitting, staring out my window,
Giving ear to the rain
Falling on athirst ground
And seeping beyond.
That’s when my mind revolves
To the other night,
I was sitting on the rocks,
Four in the morning,
Moon still hanging,
Fathomless ocean afore,
High tide,
Waves splashing against the bare,
Making thunderous noises as they struck.
Frightened and awed at once
I tried, and tried
To capture the moving white
Through the camera noetic.
I come back to the present,
Rain falling harder this time.
Trees being assailed by descending water,
And I wish the grills
Of my window could just disappear,
So I could jump off
And never land on the sand,
Stay hung in the air
With the rain falling over.
This night and that night.
Peace ubiquitous,
Water ubiquitous.
It amuses me that I have a fear,
Fear of water.
But I don’t know if
Anything else soothes me better…




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